Medicare Gone

I have been trying to have my left wrist and arm repaired. This has resulted in several people trying to get me operated on, but being homeless is putting a damper on things. Despite my having Brutis declared my companian animal there is no way that will happen. The latest effort has me residing at the misson with no companian animal. I said no. I doubt the doctor is willing to perform the surgery, the mission was the best my insurance could do. Either take the chance all my possessions are stolen from my truck, Brutus gets hurt trying to find where I went while I am in the mission, or I have the surgery and someone drives my truck and Brutus to get me after an overnight at the hospital. I have also been reading of Trump and Ryan’s plan to privatize medicare, dismantle medicaid and privatize Social Security. Ok, well my Doctor said no to my living in my truck. So, I will stop their efforts tomorrow. I quit. The services I have are insufficient, they are going to be eliminated so I am no longer going to try. At 70 apparently I have reached the modern day ice floe. Nothing has gone correct the past year, so the election culmination shall ring that last bell. This happened before when the Oregon health plan was gutted. There is not enough food stamps to keep ice in my cooler, let alone food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t care anymore, I am just tired. Does not matter of what, I am tired of all of it. Fighting for the scraps is beneath me. Losing healthcare for a diabetic is serious. I will finish out this year and attempt to garner what I can in way of foodstuffs and meds. I will tell my pain NP tomorrow I want to end the pain meds. That should take the remainder of the year. Then the new year I will eliminate the remaining assets I have and default out on my phone service. Brutus and I will plan our trip carefully and I will go into the forest late winter early spring. By severing most contact I should find myself ensconsed in a nice area. My social media will stop. I will enter my blog posts as I can, when wifi allows me. Frankly, with my resources all dying out, there is not much more I can do. I will continue with my autobio until it is finished and then I will serialize it in posts. Getting that out should take some time. Hopefully I will get that out this coming year. After that? I do not know. To say I have reached some serious conclusions would be akin to considering an explosian a pop. I have many friends, some better than others. I have many acquaintances, also some better than others. That is all good. I have no drink or drug problems, that is also good. My head is clear, I am rational and I am not tossing things away. The truth is I do not want another round of waiting until this other crap goes full circle. My friends know there are ways to reach me, so long as you are not in a hurry. I am not in a hurry either. Thank you.

Hillary Problems Persist

Okay, as we allow the Trump circus to play out, it is time to consider Hillary, and her entire long path to become the first Woman President. That is not going to happen so she wasted ten years trying. Before I point out the loss, let’s look at some of Podesta’s emails from Wiki leaks. There are lots of ammunition to show skullduggery in the operation to put her in contention. Working with PAC’s, an illegal act. Conspiring to dump Bernie Sanders so she would have Trump to challenge. Also, this was an illegal act. She is thinking of next time, but no, this was her last run, and hopefully she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which she has flaunted with impunity for more than the past decade. While I gave my vote to her reluctantly, I gave it. I am not asking for it back. I am, however, putting the Democrat party on notice that more than some changes will be coming after all party leaders are vetted, and charged if indictable. Election laws exist for a reason, and since I am holding Trump to that Standard I also hold the democrats to the same standard. It is obvious there has been a major flaw in how this election was run. Do not tell me of Trump gathering the most votes, because he didn’t. He won the electoral college, not the popular vote. As of 8 am this morning California had 2 million ballots uncounted, and Hillary was 700,000 votes ahead, nationally. Statistically, that is less than 2%. So maybe one and a half million more people voted for Hillary. That is not how elections are supposed to be, but it is how it is done. Interestingly, Trump joins Richard Nixon and George W. Bush in becoming president with a minority of the vote. I imagine his tenure, hopefully short, will end the same, with criminal charges (Nixon) or destroying the World economy (Bush). So, neither of those examples actually served time or actually were even charged. Ford saved Nixon with an immediate Pardon and Obama didn’t honor his pre election promise of prosecuting Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Probably because he knew he would also end up being charged if he did. Still, Hillary has stood accused of many things, with years of hearings, years of testimony and yet nothing ever charged. I think now there exists enough evidence from the leaked e mails to justify an investigation, and hopefully started now to avoid Trump being allowed to vent on that. Obama will not act, but someone needs to. We need some honesty in government, and it needs to start now. There will be four years to hold Trump, his Cabinet and all the lobbyists he is giving jobs to to dismantle the government and allow Russia free rein over all former Russian countries and the middle east. He is turning the EPA over to the largest denier of climate problems there is, specifically to dismantle it. An oil lobbyist for exxon-mobil is to be head of the Department of the interior. All the Richest 1% will receive massive tax cuts, privatizing Social Security with vouchers for medicare. His plan for massive infrastructure repair is to sell it (privatize) and let the buyers fix it. You will be paying tolls to go anywhere, and the Post office will charge you a buck an email. Thats when the internet is no longer free. Oops, with Hillary there will be no more politisizing, no more speechs for a million dollars, that team is benched forever. The charity they founded will be taken from them, after they repay what they illegally took, and Chelsey will need to actually get her own bank, and her husband his own client list. Then the foundation will operate until it has no more assets. The name Clinton will become synonymus with thievery, much as in the movies. I think, except for the digression on Trump, this pretty well covers Clinton. Now, if the previous occurs, and no charges are found, or insufficient evidence exists to charge any members of either party, we need to eliminate the electoral commission and return to one citizen one vote, winner take all. One final help: eliminate Citizens United. All political money shall come from the government. If you are shot and do not bleed, you are not a citizen, you are a business, and as such forbidden to donate, or force employees to donate to any political office. Citizens can donate up to $200 yearly. No more nillion dollar runs for president, that invites thievery.

Election Aftermath

Here it is three days after the Election, and rioting is happening as well as rightous indignation, and States wanting to form their own Country. Everybody is pissed at everybody else and escalation is next. The liberals, like me, are trying to peacefully sort out the problems with the election. Peaceful meets Anarchy head on, which leads to more violence. Trump needs to stop it, since his winning has caused it. Really? His winning led to this? Well, he encouraged that sort of behaviour at his rallies, and now America has become his rally. Except for his election fraud, his allowing the aryan nation and alt right groups to believe he encourges this action. As a Russian Puppet he should be happy. As an American he should be anxious to stop these problems. Obama can only declare Marshal Law. Obama can not tell the alt right anything, only Trump can. The alt right hates Obama because he is black. So what to do? California has offered their Constitution as a basis for a new Country. Oregon has petitioned to Secede. I live in Oregon, was born in California. I am in a quandry. I seek resolution. While not receiving the popular vote, Trump has the electoral College. Trump also has undisclosed conflicts of interest, and some disclosed but still existing problems. His taxes are still being audited. If he becomes president he can fire the head of the IRS. That is a problem. He needs to pay his taxes and accept what they say he owes. Before he is sworn in. He is in a contract with the GSA for his new Hotel, in the leased US Post Office he turned into a hotel. He borrowed money from deutsch bank to fund the renovation. Deustch bank owes America hundreds of Billions of Dollars, which they wont pay. Donald Trump would have to divest himself of that lease before he becomes President. He has already violated the lease, as is is custom. The Russians have openly confirmed they helped and have been in touch with Trump’s campaign from the start. That is treason. Just for that Trump is not allowed to be President. He still faces fraud charges on Trump University, although most are willing to settle that, although it would also be a conflict of interest. He then has the rape charge pending, plus 14 women have stepped forward and claimed he sexually abused them, which he admited to, on tape, five years ago. The only real troubling thing in all of that is his Russian connection and his Treason. Russia is America’s number 1 enemy. Trump is in cohorts with them. He can not be President because of that, and his election fraud. Half America disagree, and, apparently, disagree his Russian affiliation is a problem. Russia wins no matter what is done. Trump can not be President. Cancel their election? All federal results? New election? What does America do?. Swear in Pence? That is why riots are happening, and shootings are nrxt. First vigilantees will start, then the militias. They are predominately white racists, so folks of color are first on their hit parade. The Country will become “no mans land”. Trump should withdraw, but won’t. The Federal Election should be nullified. A do over is needed. Trump should pay that cost. He needs imprisoned and his empire seized. He needs tried for treason. The Country needs some serious help. I do not see that coming. The racists will want to bring back slavery. That can not happen. Marshal law can not happen. California is in position to lead, their Constitution standing in for the soon to be defunct US. The West Coast is ready. Much of America is not. Racists can not win. Russia can not win. Trump has split the Country in half, people wise. Guns are a problem. California Constitution can stand for the US as long as everybody agrees. Not ever has anyone agreed completely. I hope this gets worked out without marshal law, for Obama’s sake. I will pray on it. How about you?

Politics done wrong

Now that the political circus has blared through every american’s home and mind, we will have some calm before the next storm in January. I sincerely hope my many friends rooting for Trump receive whatever their motivations were for. Personally, I envision nothing but disaster due to his inexperience, ignorance and selfishness. Trump has no intention of proceeding for the common good, because it goes against everything he believes in and is backed by. When John Kennedy was elected he was rich, but Trump supposedly is more so. Kennedy cared for his Country and Countrymen. So did his brother Robert. I feel they both were assassinated because they felt the CIA was bad for America. They planned on disbanding it. That did not last, as they both were assassinated. The fact Amerika is controlled by “mysterious people” actually is a no brainer. Our elections work, or else why would Trump beat out the political machine the Clinton’s assembled. Now Trump must put the Country first and I hope and pray he can. I just don’t envision a lying serial rapist ever putting Country before himself. Please let me be wrong, because as my youth has left me long ago, and with it a strong chunk of my youthful hope. When you are young you believe in good triumphing over evil. I believe in god, but I recognize other people believe in their god and I do believe in one god, yet she or he is in many forms thus varied religions. America was formed with the understanding various religions have various gods, and all are correct, no mine is better than yours crap. God is all, and in each thing he exists. A government can not dictate or prohibit any god because one’s belief is personal, developed over time beginning with what you are taught as a child, and as you age and mature you realize everyone has a different opinion of what god is. Much like your circumstance in life is because, so too is god because. An earlier writing delved into because, and I don’t seek to redefine what I have already set out. God is because. There is a line, and the line runs from the past to the future. At any piece of that line you exist. Do not look for it at your feet because that timeline is in your brain. My grandmother witnessed the industrial revolution, although I know she did not know it at the time. Simply put, we are all dancing around this perpetual line, and we are all witnessing one amazing thing after another, including things mundane to us now, but in the future astounding to others as well as ourselves. Can you imagine life one hundred years ago, imposed over life today? One hundred years in the future we will appear much like the lifestyle of one hundred years ago: no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no vehicles with internal combustion engines. Because of all of that, and with that knowledge I see our political mayhem recently displayed, I know history repeats, and I know our political process will allow us to challenge and force actions our country needs to address. Lgbt rights and racial integration are things we need to work to advance, just as equality with the sexes and equal pay for equal work. I have a belief ln fairness and equality for all, coupled with every person has inalienable rights that include being free to associate with who we wish, engage in fraternal alignment with who we wish, and there should not be a class driven status being based on creed or color. Racists are not of this century, and everyone that thinks one color is superior needs to rethink that thought. With that, I wish you a good night, a fond farewell to politics, and a growing cluster of like-minded people willing to enable the work necessary to be able for our country to flourish.

Do you see?

There are endless discussions surrounding the USA elections. No matter the candidate, they all offer what you want. Ask them. Fact is, none of them offer what is badly needed: honesty. Yes, I said the H word. The politition always says what he or she thinks you want to hear. Today was abstract puzzle day. Maybe I will find the exit and get off this ride, before they collect my ticket. This must be rigged because I am close to full, and I need to start preparing pages christmas should see some volume 1 sales. To sleep I must go. Good night.

Homeless for 12 years

I checked to make sure the Vet ran my bill through my debit card Tuesday. Yes, so Damnit’s final bill was paid. I then got Brutus’s age: “we have June 15, 2007 as his birthday”. He is almost 9 and a half years old. And he is a big dog, who do not live long, usually. Still, Brutus is energized easily, where he runs and jumps in excitement. He loves to ride in the truck (me too). He loves to eat (me too). He likes storms, growls at Thunder, howls at the moon, barks at shadows, enjoys watching fish (me too). There is no question, he is my buddy. He talks to me when he recognizes we are nearing one of his favorite spots. His talking is sort of a tonal variance, much like our conversations probably sound like to him. He kisses me often, something he started after Damnit passed on. We both miss Damnit very much. I have seen him with his nose buried in her pillow at night. Brutus has been very good for me, ever since I convinced him to quit destroying my cars. He showed me ways to entertain him, I showed him ways to communicate to me. He has about a thirty word knowledge to work with. When he gets bord he either goes to sleep or he sits next to me, leaning against me and looking where I am looking. Finding his age also brought another facet of my life to the surface. Brutus has never been with me when I owned my house. I have been homeless more than twelve years. Sure, I stayed in a foreclosed house nine months. I stayed on a former cattle ranch, boat access only. I rented a garden shed for ten months, but unable to get anywhere. I stayed in the Siskiyou National Forest for 7 months, and plan on returning this Spring. I do wish a friend’s son had not burned all my possessions, including antiques, thirty years of negatives of my homes, friends and dogs. A lot of facts gone because one person decided I should not store my possessions on “his property” despite it not being his property, and I had his parents permission to store my things there. He cost me thousands of dollars. So the past has not been all that bright. The future is good, I am still better off than some, being blessed with friends, intellect, abilities and Brutus. I hope Brutus will be with me a long time, but there is a chance after surgery that I can get an apartment. I also plan on going to the County Law Library and finding out why it is so out of shape. It needs a librarian. I am considering offering my services for a stipend to cover fuel and wear and tear of my truck, lunch and dinner. A stipend would not be income and not mess my social programs up. They cant hire people over 70, and I turn seventy in three days. I can put the library back into shape, and assist others in researching their legal cases. It would be a good match. I also may have a plan to force Congress to hear judge appointment cases. It is a bit “out there” but there is a Writ titled “Writ of Mandamas”. It is a suit you file to force someone to do their expected job they are required to do. You can only use this if there are no other ways to make the person act. The Speaker of the Senate has to either put a judge appointment up for an up and down vote, or fillibuster it. I think I can break the GOP refusal to do their job. I can get a Judge to Order the majority leader of the Senate to make the up and down vote, or he would be in contempt of Court, and forced into jail until he does act, or impeach him. More on this later.

Next Step

I’ve been quiet a few days mostly because I have been gearing up for some changes. I have spoken to my Doctor regarding Brutus being made my Companian animal. I explained our circumstances and my need for surgery. I also explained Brutus’s need to be with me, and my need to be with him. I should have my letter tomorrow, and I will register it with the County Clerk and my Vetrinarian. Then he can accompany me to any live-in situation. That will require any skilled nursing home to accomidate us both, meaning the bed better be big enough for us both because he does sleep with me. I will eat in my room, and will feed him in my room. They will need to open his cans for me, because I will have my left arm in a cast and my left hand will be non usable. Ghey will be fusing a titanium plate from my hand to my arm, plus fusing some bones. I will lose some flexability but regain my grip. My hand is already not flexing so supposedly I will not notice the loss but will lose the pain and stiffness. More or less he is correcting Arthritus and Bursitus damage. This all began with a ganglian cyst, which he will also remove. I do assume he is doing all this other work because of the low payment from medicare, so it is worth his time to do the full effort. My options included a wrist replacement, but he did not think I would be happy with that because the replacement lacked the strength I would need to work on things, and I do like to work on things. So, anyway, I will have Brutus with me until his end, and a great friend he is, indeed. Hopefully this will cure other possible problems with him and me, and perhaps we will find a way to find a studio arpartment we can afford. It would be nice to have a place away from the truck with a shower I can get into without falling, a bathtub is out. Time will tell. And how was your past threr days?


I shall write and post this directly here, then copy and repost at ah, the ad appears as if by magic. As I prepare for the passing of the month into November – wait, I must digress: I imagine a small cadre of uniformed Scots marching with formal rigidness to consecrate the passing of the month. Lots of reds and golds, a bagpipe at hand. A small child, looking on with wonder as a parent quietly says “tis the month of October, passing”. There, digressing over. I also think of the original late night host, Steve Allen as he yells SMOCK! SMOCK! from a cage over the audience. He taught me the word and usage of “I digress”. There you have it, flashback to youth, maybe 1961 or 1962. There is little rhyme or reason to the flashback but then that is the way of flashbacks. Warriors have different types of flashbacks. I had a friend fresh back from Viet Nam, where he received a dishonorable (undesireable?) Discharge. One of the two. He tossed one of his own grenades behind him, the medics knew it straight out, and so they sent him home. That was what he wanted, so he was unconcerned. He also shot my B&W television with my Walther PPK. The picture tube imploded. Glass flew everywhere, scared my dog, covered me with broken glass and the bullet laying where the middle of the picturetube was. Hogans Heros was on, and he shot Col. Klink. Gut reaction. I have been having a weird day, and so this is what comes from me on weird day. I should be working on my book. Soon I will try to hard copy volume 2 of my auto biography. I envision and have loosely woven five volumes, each independent of one another, yet each working to create the big picture. Marijuana is the unifying manner and together I take you on a thirty year adventure that will culminate (end) with you being a better person, literate in our government and its workings as well as teaching you how to be a paralegal. Not many books can deliver all of that, but then I have had an E ticket throughout my life. As Jim Morrison once sang, “break on through to the other side”. Yeah.

Rainy Day

Now with the rain season underway I need to jump into forward mode and shift gears from Summer because I want to progress from summer/Fall to Winter mode. Easy enough to do, especially when there are enough nice days to expand a bit and take Brutus for a few days trip. Sixes is calling me and I have to visit my friend since I have not seen him in a year. I do need to try and keep my friends in better contact than I have been. Yes, I often times have years slip by without acknowledging friends, and they sometimes feel I only see them when I want something. That is not the case, I actually just forget to stop and say hello, being isolated in thought due to my personal struggles unrelated to the individual and more because I am so intense of an individual. I do have friends that I bother just because my personality has that chaffeing quality to it. Often I intentionally do things that carry such side quirks where unbeknownest to me I have “made a statement” that appears deliberate yet was innocent when done and particularly so when, for me, I was unaware of the crossed effect. That is probably more due to tunnelvision on my part. I apoligise in advance for any of my actions that have led you to that belief. I guess that also is because I fail to fully consider all consequences of any particular acts. I do things that appear, on the one hand, to be retribution but, in reality, are merely gut reaction. An example would be I do not like arguing or being told what to do and my gut reactions are usually flight. A caveat to that is when I have already acted to reduce stress and only had the stress increase more so. I walk away from stress, and run away from stress situations that harbor ill will. Confrontation is foreign to me by my design, more because I grew up with constant confrontation and dislike having to meet up with conflict. I rarely tolerate for long any actions that send my feelings or emotions into a spiral because those emotions, for me, are way too intense. My foot loose and fancy free demeanor is more facade than reality, because I try hard to leave little of myself vulnerable to others whim. I pride myself on stress free game playing, have been known for poker games, often days long in length, that rarely have arguments. I do not tolerate card games that breech that line. I grew up with games that always had arguments and such, and a card game is for fun. When arguing disrupts a card game I leave. I have a tolerance for arguing, especially with friends, however I prefer not to play cards when circumstances make the game unfun. That is more than just me, or a simple rule to consider, because it goes instantly deep into my heart. Overly sensitive? Probably so, but I am too old to waste time with petty arguments. For me it ruins more than the game, it borders on making me frustrated. Why attempt making fun from a simple game when others prefer the imagery of battle. Not for me. Add stakes and the game becomes boring. These rains have made my back very sore, so I shall end, for now.

Blue True

Often I find myself wondering how and why I am in the situation I am. Now it is broke snd homeless, but this goes a long way back. As a child, a young adult, an adult, I have questioned the predicament I find myself embroiled in. The answer has always been related to the problem, but it has taken me more time to finally arrive at the conclusion I now have. I am at the situation because. Yes, because. Nothing happens to you unless you do something that allowed you to arrive at your present circumstance. The reason you are where you are is because. Because you did something, or a series of somethings that led to where upu are. Yes, it sounds simple, but it is not that simple. Generally speaking your actions will lead to a predictable result. In my school days I rarely did my homework at home. I could do most at school, but home was not a vomfortable setting. My GPA was not indicative of my ability, it was merely a sign of my actions. I have never been arrested where I did not know shortly before hand it was going to happen. That was because I knew not to do something, but did it anyway. Yes, I lived a lifestyle that invariably would lead to my arrest, eventually. That helped cause my arrest, but it was not the direct cause, it was incidental. Many people engaged in drugs, but users that were careful, or even dealers that were careful seemed to not get caught. I was usually set up by acquaintances. I can not pass a lie detector test, not because I lie, but because a part of the answer invariably requires you acknowledge to not commiting any crimes, and I can never get over that particular hurdle because I break the law frequently and knowingly. Many people do, because there are a lot of laws and it is difficult to not break laws. Many people speed while driving, or upon finding money keep it, or fail to correct a cashier that gives you too much change. I don’t do those things, nor will I grab an ice block and not prepay for it. That is habit. I do still, on very rare occassions, accept cash for pot. I usually just give small amounts away, same as I sometimes receive pot gratus. Pot was a money source for me for too many years, although I no longer watch police cars to see if they are coming fir me. Odd, considering that in the sixties I always had kilos of pot and lots of LSD for sale. I have purchased paper sacks full of pressed and wrapped Pot while the place I purchased them was under surveilance. I have received kilos from a shipment that had been sold and followed by DEA agents from Mexico to Long Beach, California. I was breaking a kilo up that was pecuilar in that the Mexican State was printed on butcher paper and it was then wrapped in color cellophane, at the same time George Putnam was breaking one up on television as he discussed a thousand kilo deal that had been busted, with seven kilos missing from the load. I had five, and my friend had two. That was very funny to me. I delivered two kilos to Santa Barbara the same night that there was rioting, and the Bank of America building was burned. I drove through three check points going in, and two coming out. I swapped the weed for LSD, which I brought home. I have driven through an armed narcotics check point, where a small building blocked the road, and all these agents were standing around, holding sub machineguns. I had forty kilos in my trunk, laying loose. We were questioned, and passed, without being searched. That was scarey. Like I said, though, I have never been arrested but when I knew it was coming. If I had listened to my inner voice I would have never been arrested. I would never have been arrested if I never broke the law, but then I would have missed all that fun. I guess because is good enough. I am homeless because. That is true enough, and while I can trace back the errors that ultimately led to my homelessness, the truth is I am homeless because. How about you? By that I mean can you accept your current condition because? Or do you seek blame? I am poor because the entire world is against me, or the work pool is rigged against me, or simply because. It is all cause and effect. We all are individual dominoes in a long slread out formation, and once set in motion it continues to the end.