Homeless Sick

I do not have a cold, I have had surgery. Arm surgery. A “left wrist arthrodecises” or close to that, spelling wise. It consisted of bone fusions in my hand and wrist, and a titanium plate placed in an open space between two large bones. This in accordance with the xrays i looked at after removal of the splint and maybe thirty staples. I was then placed into a skinny version of a cast of white cotton wrapped with blue fiberglass tape, which was wrapped after a soaking in warm water. This for another 5 weeks, although my removal appointment is in 4 weeks. January 4 is my removal date. Yes, the entire holiday season with one arm. I look upon it as fortuitous, but imagine normal people pt off this type procedure for a less harried time, however I look upon it as being done prior to any changes done to medicare. I realize that supposed changes to medicare, medicaid and “Obamacare” will take time to enact, and some changes do not make any sense. Vouchers simply indicate the dollar amount to be spent on a specific individuals. Poor people will more than likely will be unable to use the voucher for service required, and since I already am homeless due to finances, I simply will become homeless and invisible. As so many already are. Being a former member of those pseud private societies (the Underground) I am being punished for play by a different set of rules. You see, in the underground you pay what you can afford for what is needed. It is either done or not. If not, and it is necessary, you leave the Underground and return to society. This juncture is where many folks slip up and find themselves in trouble for failing to pay sufficient taxes. You have to at least file taxes yearly. I rarely had to pay more than the required Social Security taxes, a few times not being able to pay those, either. I have had the feds figure my taxes one year equal to what I earned the year before. I still owe between one and two hundred dollars. I will gladly pay that debt when I can. There were years where jobs were plentiful, but pay was demeaning. I understand while I was a pre-teen my dad brought home $60 a week. He bought a house, a new car, raised his family on that. I worked at a wrecking yard, here in Oregon, six days a week, for the same amount, plus lunch. Several years later I was earning $250 a week, for five days work, plus lunch. That was sufficient for survival. Now I live on about 70% of that and it is not sufficient. A single person needs $2500 a month, minimum. Nothing expensive and little new. In 40 years things are 10 times as expensive now, and I live on 70% of my earnings from 40 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I am pointing out why the Underground exists, then, and now. The Underground exists, as does the resistance. The resistance is anti-trump for now, but in reality it has always been powered by the little guy who was or is being fucked over by the Oligarchs (super rich). Much like Robin Hood of merry old England, todays underground still tries to provide what merriment it can for the warriors, and the people populate both worlds at will. No thieves are welcome in the true underground, so tweakers do not last long. Nixon was the last to try and eliminate the underground, but in true underground fashion Nixon was taken down for his illegal acts. The underground plans on doing the same to all oligarch. Power to the people.