Tough Audience

The hardest part of maintaining a blog is remembering to write. It is so easy to just procrastinate over adding topics. Especially when I am having to moderate spam or handling responses in other languages. I kind of fear eliminating an honest response to something I have written as Spam. Naturally there will be lots of spam responses, so many in fact I will toss out 10 for every one I allow to stay. People directing to other websites are out as are e mails with weird or cryptic names. Then there are some titled flocked king bed or something like that. If they appear genuine then I welcome them with open arms. Try to be honest with your responses and do not advertise what you are selling. If your object is to direct people to your web site that is spam and I delete them. If you tell me you enjoy what was written I am glad. If you let others know then I appreciate that. I also do Facebook and you tube plus I guest write on several other blogs. communicate. Let me know you are human and feel.