Octoberfest in America

With apologies to those Countries where Octoberfest is near religious doctrine I shall subvert the name to proclaim October the days of libation liberated thoughts of politics and day to day survival. I no longer drink alcoholic beverages however I do burn hemp in a pipe or paper on occasion. That has been a thing with me since 1966. Yep, 51 years of burning and inhaling. My only suffering had been from the occasional arrest for possession. Once I was accused and convicted for sales but the wrights were all off I no check on the money was made which I pointed out in Court. Had it expunged so no big deal but the police failed to properly do their job, which police often do. Nowadays people do not work like they used to. When I was growing up people found a good job and stayed with it. Now there is no incentive for loyalty because the individual owner has been replaced by Corporations. That is what is wrong with America. Individuals care for individuals, Corporations care only for profit. Therefore poor quality exists because no one cares, they all just clock in and out. I prefer to work for myself, but at 70, soon to be 71, I do not have the ability to do much. Two years ago I lived in the forest with my two dogs and prospected. For the last two years I have been getting my health together. So I have declared this month my personal Octoberfest. Here is to a great month, my last for age 70. Enjoy.