Vision I Have

Beginning today I have some thoughts concerning the mess our America is embroiled in. Trump was elected to enact a change. He has certainly brought Change. His change was not what most sought. He has brought division, and handed the Country over to multi-national Corporations and allowed Russia to cash in on the Anarchy resulting from various factions across this land. The Investigations have pled out two and charged two more. No doubt exists that many more will be charged for the corruption and theft that has run rampant in the less than one year since the election.
It is time to let that process continue, chips falling where they may, so to speak. The time for the people to take back this Country has come, and for divisiveness to end.
The past election for President needs renewed, because the party in control colluded with a foreign power to seize control. While Hillary was undoubtedly the best prepared, too much of her past is tainted. The Constitution was never meant to specifically deal with this situation. How the hell do we repair the damage without throwing away the baby with the wash?
The Constitution still works. We just need to set out a few rules:
1. A person is defined as someone that bleeds blood when shot. Nothing else is a person and can not be politically involved either financially or through lobbyists. This needs to be a criminal act to break this rule.
2. Citizens of America are the only persons allowed to participate in the electoral process. No business entities can participate in any manner, with the exception of any person speaking out need identify their business association such as ownership or employment. The association is strictly to identify why they speak out as they do, not to speak for the business.
3. Corporations and businesses in general must be silent regarding politics because they are artificial entities and have no political rights what so ever. This must be a criminal offense to break.
4. Tax rates will be returned to a simple process. Tax loop holes will be closed. Businesses owned by more than ten people will pay a flat 25% tax, with deductions from gross sales limited to wages of employees, US production costs, and the highest paid salary no more than 10 times the lowest paid wage.
5. Family businesses shall be no more than four owners and shall pay 25% tax on gross sales, deductions limited to cost of doing business in America. The highest wage shall be no more than ten times the lowest wage.
6. Wages shall be taxed on a progressive scale as follows: individual deductions are $6,000 per person. 10% of income minus medical costs, property taxes, interest paid on debt, vehicle operating costs, food costs, work costs (clothing, materials and tools).
7. Inheritance tax on all estates exceeding $10,000,000, on the exceeded amount 20%.
8. Any business that moves production away from America shall pay a 50% import fee on all imports. All out of Country products not part of trade agreements must pay a 25% import fee.
9. Any product made out of Country and assembled here, not part of a trade agreement must pay a 25% import fee.
10. Any Corporate or business entity that ceases manufacturing in America and goes to another Country for manufacturing can not sell that product in America unless they retrain all employees laid off in America and donate their physical property to the Counties there are located in. Retraining means exactly that, plus the employee must be hired at equal or above wages previously paid, for at least one year.
11. The cap on the amount of wages subject to Social Security is removed, and payment is on the gross wage. For persons that just buy and sell the tax is paid on each sale.
12. Every State College and University shall provide in State students free tuition for those who qualify for Pell grants.
13. No business entity shall ever be allowed to be “to big to fail” and must be broken up much like Ma Bell and Standard oil were. Banks should not be so large as to get away with manipulation of the economy. The Dodd-Frank rules need be reinstated and made non-voidable. Common sense indicates when business entities lose the personal care shown by most family businesses they are too big.
14. As punishment for the election bull l shit, if Trump is found Guilty of money laundering and/or obstruction of justice, confiscating all the Properties in America should occur, the lease in the old Post Office in Washington DC should be returned to the US government. All of Trumps cash should be placed into a fund to pay his victims of sexual assault. His family can learn to work for a living.

These should provide ground work for setting some guidelines to redirect cash back to the middle and lower classes. The. Oerhaps we can get back to being the Great Nation we always were.