I shall write and post this directly here, then copy and repost at crazycorb.com. ah, the ad appears as if by magic. As I prepare for the passing of the month into November – wait, I must digress: I imagine a small cadre of uniformed Scots marching with formal rigidness to consecrate the passing of the month. Lots of reds and golds, a bagpipe at hand. A small child, looking on with wonder as a parent quietly says “tis the month of October, passing”. There, digressing over. I also think of the original late night host, Steve Allen as he yells SMOCK! SMOCK! from a cage over the audience. He taught me the word and usage of “I digress”. There you have it, flashback to youth, maybe 1961 or 1962. There is little rhyme or reason to the flashback but then that is the way of flashbacks. Warriors have different types of flashbacks. I had a friend fresh back from Viet Nam, where he received a dishonorable (undesireable?) Discharge. One of the two. He tossed one of his own grenades behind him, the medics knew it straight out, and so they sent him home. That was what he wanted, so he was unconcerned. He also shot my B&W television with my Walther PPK. The picture tube imploded. Glass flew everywhere, scared my dog, covered me with broken glass and the bullet laying where the middle of the picturetube was. Hogans Heros was on, and he shot Col. Klink. Gut reaction. I have been having a weird day, and so this is what comes from me on weird day. I should be working on my book. Soon I will try to hard copy volume 2 of my auto biography. I envision and have loosely woven five volumes, each independent of one another, yet each working to create the big picture. Marijuana is the unifying manner and together I take you on a thirty year adventure that will culminate (end) with you being a better person, literate in our government and its workings as well as teaching you how to be a paralegal. Not many books can deliver all of that, but then I have had an E ticket throughout my life. As Jim Morrison once sang, “break on through to the other side”. Yeah.

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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