Election Aftermath

Here it is three days after the Election, and rioting is happening as well as rightous indignation, and States wanting to form their own Country. Everybody is pissed at everybody else and escalation is next. The liberals, like me, are trying to peacefully sort out the problems with the election. Peaceful meets Anarchy head on, which leads to more violence. Trump needs to stop it, since his winning has caused it. Really? His winning led to this? Well, he encouraged that sort of behaviour at his rallies, and now America has become his rally. Except for his election fraud, his allowing the aryan nation and alt right groups to believe he encourges this action. As a Russian Puppet he should be happy. As an American he should be anxious to stop these problems. Obama can only declare Marshal Law. Obama can not tell the alt right anything, only Trump can. The alt right hates Obama because he is black. So what to do? California has offered their Constitution as a basis for a new Country. Oregon has petitioned to Secede. I live in Oregon, was born in California. I am in a quandry. I seek resolution. While not receiving the popular vote, Trump has the electoral College. Trump also has undisclosed conflicts of interest, and some disclosed but still existing problems. His taxes are still being audited. If he becomes president he can fire the head of the IRS. That is a problem. He needs to pay his taxes and accept what they say he owes. Before he is sworn in. He is in a contract with the GSA for his new Hotel, in the leased US Post Office he turned into a hotel. He borrowed money from deutsch bank to fund the renovation. Deustch bank owes America hundreds of Billions of Dollars, which they wont pay. Donald Trump would have to divest himself of that lease before he becomes President. He has already violated the lease, as is is custom. The Russians have openly confirmed they helped and have been in touch with Trump’s campaign from the start. That is treason. Just for that Trump is not allowed to be President. He still faces fraud charges on Trump University, although most are willing to settle that, although it would also be a conflict of interest. He then has the rape charge pending, plus 14 women have stepped forward and claimed he sexually abused them, which he admited to, on tape, five years ago. The only real troubling thing in all of that is his Russian connection and his Treason. Russia is America’s number 1 enemy. Trump is in cohorts with them. He can not be President because of that, and his election fraud. Half America disagree, and, apparently, disagree his Russian affiliation is a problem. Russia wins no matter what is done. Trump can not be President. Cancel their election? All federal results? New election? What does America do?. Swear in Pence? That is why riots are happening, and shootings are nrxt. First vigilantees will start, then the militias. They are predominately white racists, so folks of color are first on their hit parade. The Country will become “no mans land”. Trump should withdraw, but won’t. The Federal Election should be nullified. A do over is needed. Trump should pay that cost. He needs imprisoned and his empire seized. He needs tried for treason. The Country needs some serious help. I do not see that coming. The racists will want to bring back slavery. That can not happen. Marshal law can not happen. California is in position to lead, their Constitution standing in for the soon to be defunct US. The West Coast is ready. Much of America is not. Racists can not win. Russia can not win. Trump has split the Country in half, people wise. Guns are a problem. California Constitution can stand for the US as long as everybody agrees. Not ever has anyone agreed completely. I hope this gets worked out without marshal law, for Obama’s sake. I will pray on it. How about you?

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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