Full Moon Meanders

Working on the new evening pleasure of Pinochle. The game is genetically infused in all of us players, learning as toddlers from parents snd grandparents. To me it’s indicative of a bygone lifestyle, and one modern millenials should learn from, because it is non electronic entertainment and a wonderful learning tool for children. We are all adults, but have many decades of play. Personally, I’ve learned stratagy, patience, swear words, alcohol, drugs usage and abuse, and its a great time user when incarcerated, bored or finding yourself in a strange place with time to kill. A simple deck of pinochle cards consists of two cards of each suit, Aces through 9s . 48 cards in all. One version is played with a double pinochle deck, omitting the 9s. Four each suit of Aces, tens, Kings, Queens and Jacks. Jacks are lowest, Aces highest. Aces, Tens and Kings count as one point each at the close of each hand. You capture, or take tricks, each player playing in turn, the previous trick winner leading off. The idea is to capture as many tricks as possible. You bid on your hand, based on a set of meld points. You have to follow suit, and you have to try and beat the cards played before you. You must trump if you have no cards in the led suit. Those are the rules. Obviously its a bit more involved, but if a six year old can play it, you can. Its more involved than hearts, more rewarding to play, and the rules are somewhat flexible for different people, because it is a fun social event. There are folks who become very upset over play, everyone does at times, but it’s less trouble than politics hashing. Democrats play smarter than republicans, says the democrat in me. That’s why politics are usually not discussed. I have seen my grandmother leave the game in tears, my grandfather burn the cards, and for those who use chips to keep track of scores, do have extra chips because they do become missiles in discussions. Seriously, it is a fun game, with variations for solitare, doubles, three handed (cut throat) and partners. There are variations, so knowing who you play with dictates some of the rules, you can gamble with it, play for free, the idea is HAVE FUN. Denny and Barbara have hosted Jon and I twice now, we are looking at playing partners, but Barbara is watching how we play. I enjoy their company, Denny and I used to play it alot many decades ago. Brutus is adapting, although my friends treat him as well or better than me, and I appreciate that very much because you normally can’t introduce a 120 pound dog into a family household easily, but Brutus has handled himself fairly well. Easy for a great dog, and Brutus is certainly establishing himself as one of the best dogs I have ever had, and he certainly picks no bones about who his human is. Enjoy tonights full moon, see you all tomorrow.

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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