Homeless for 12 years

I checked to make sure the Vet ran my bill through my debit card Tuesday. Yes, so Damnit’s final bill was paid. I then got Brutus’s age: “we have June 15, 2007 as his birthday”. He is almost 9 and a half years old. And he is a big dog, who do not live long, usually. Still, Brutus is energized easily, where he runs and jumps in excitement. He loves to ride in the truck (me too). He loves to eat (me too). He likes storms, growls at Thunder, howls at the moon, barks at shadows, enjoys watching fish (me too). There is no question, he is my buddy. He talks to me when he recognizes we are nearing one of his favorite spots. His talking is sort of a tonal variance, much like our conversations probably sound like to him. He kisses me often, something he started after Damnit passed on. We both miss Damnit very much. I have seen him with his nose buried in her pillow at night. Brutus has been very good for me, ever since I convinced him to quit destroying my cars. He showed me ways to entertain him, I showed him ways to communicate to me. He has about a thirty word knowledge to work with. When he gets bord he either goes to sleep or he sits next to me, leaning against me and looking where I am looking. Finding his age also brought another facet of my life to the surface. Brutus has never been with me when I owned my house. I have been homeless more than twelve years. Sure, I stayed in a foreclosed house nine months. I stayed on a former cattle ranch, boat access only. I rented a garden shed for ten months, but unable to get anywhere. I stayed in the Siskiyou National Forest for 7 months, and plan on returning this Spring. I do wish a friend’s son had not burned all my possessions, including antiques, thirty years of negatives of my homes, friends and dogs. A lot of facts gone because one person decided I should not store my possessions on “his property” despite it not being his property, and I had his parents permission to store my things there. He cost me thousands of dollars. So the past has not been all that bright. The future is good, I am still better off than some, being blessed with friends, intellect, abilities and Brutus. I hope Brutus will be with me a long time, but there is a chance after surgery that I can get an apartment. I also plan on going to the County Law Library and finding out why it is so out of shape. It needs a librarian. I am considering offering my services for a stipend to cover fuel and wear and tear of my truck, lunch and dinner. A stipend would not be income and not mess my social programs up. They cant hire people over 70, and I turn seventy in three days. I can put the library back into shape, and assist others in researching their legal cases. It would be a good match. I also may have a plan to force Congress to hear judge appointment cases. It is a bit “out there” but there is a Writ titled “Writ of Mandamas”. It is a suit you file to force someone to do their expected job they are required to do. You can only use this if there are no other ways to make the person act. The Speaker of the Senate has to either put a judge appointment up for an up and down vote, or fillibuster it. I think I can break the GOP refusal to do their job. I can get a Judge to Order the majority leader of the Senate to make the up and down vote, or he would be in contempt of Court, and forced into jail until he does act, or impeach him. More on this later.

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I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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