Monday Funday

No cards but watched football. I only fell asleep twice, remained on the couch at 45 degree tilt. Arizona won. When did the Cardinals leave Baltimore? Were they ever in Baltimore? Yeah, I watch haphazardly. Brutus has been behaving, must be a sign of something. He was a shit this morning, when I had to leave for Coos Bay. I’ve been watching election news, that is very depressing. Remember my analogy about dueling without bullets? I want to arm both sides, and put me out of my misery. I pity the children attending school, because they have no clue whats happening, since it is obvious the adults have no clue. In my thinking I see a simplicity of what needs done, we need to rebuild our superstructure and put people to work, taxing the 1% to pay for it. Other poor folks think we need to throw out requlations so loggers can log and mills can produce. I would agree about removing regulations, except the rich folk take advantage of that, leaving “super fucked up” sites for the government to clean up, and they pay shit wages to boot. The coal miners complain we over regulate the coal mines, but the miners make shit wages, get black lung disease and die early and broke. Coal and oil are dead. Timber is dead and fishing is dying, as is our air and water and temperature. Sorry, but those are the facts. We can no longer fuck up our place to live because we need to live there. America has fouled its own nest, and everyone has a part in the blame and in the corrective. There are other people in the world besides us, and they deserve a try to survive, and they have no choice but to polute, too. We can’t stop them from polluting while we still pollute. It is more than politics, it is basic common decency. We tell China and India they have to dtop polluting because we polluted enough for everybody. They don’t buy that. Trump says do away with regulations and work will come back. No, only pollution comes back. Why anyone believes anything he says is beyond me. Hillary is not lots better, but she isn’t stirring up much bull shit about rigged elections. If he loses its because he has pissed off so many voters, blaming and blacks. If you fall for his white power crap, for any reason, you are no real American, you are modern Hitler youth. If you agreefight cwith him, you apparently like assholes that demean women, minorities and incite riots because he is incapable of admiting he lost because he’s an asshole. Be prepsred to die defending his sickness, because his lackeys that are showing off their weapons and making threats will be the first folks killed by the National Guard, an obviously unnecessary series of acts. I will say goodbye now to my gun totting friends spoiling for a race riot. Idiots. Take a gun to a fight, you will die. Good riddance. Some folks just cant accept the fact the few cant dictate to the many how it will be, same as we live in a democracy, not mob rule. You dont like it, leave. The many do not tell the few what right or wrong, we have the rule of law. We also have legitimate elections. You dont like things get involved and fucking vote. Thats democracy. Some folks can’t accept they are not better just because they are white and rich. Bye bye, you will not be missed. Start paying attention, because you are being fed shit, and some of you seem to like it.

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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