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I’ve been quiet a few days mostly because I have been gearing up for some changes. I have spoken to my Doctor regarding Brutus being made my Companian animal. I explained our circumstances and my need for surgery. I also explained Brutus’s need to be with me, and my need to be with him. I should have my letter tomorrow, and I will register it with the County Clerk and my Vetrinarian. Then he can accompany me to any live-in situation. That will require any skilled nursing home to accomidate us both, meaning the bed better be big enough for us both because he does sleep with me. I will eat in my room, and will feed him in my room. They will need to open his cans for me, because I will have my left arm in a cast and my left hand will be non usable. Ghey will be fusing a titanium plate from my hand to my arm, plus fusing some bones. I will lose some flexability but regain my grip. My hand is already not flexing so supposedly I will not notice the loss but will lose the pain and stiffness. More or less he is correcting Arthritus and Bursitus damage. This all began with a ganglian cyst, which he will also remove. I do assume he is doing all this other work because of the low payment from medicare, so it is worth his time to do the full effort. My options included a wrist replacement, but he did not think I would be happy with that because the replacement lacked the strength I would need to work on things, and I do like to work on things. So, anyway, I will have Brutus with me until his end, and a great friend he is, indeed. Hopefully this will cure other possible problems with him and me, and perhaps we will find a way to find a studio arpartment we can afford. It would be nice to have a place away from the truck with a shower I can get into without falling, a bathtub is out. Time will tell. And how was your past threr days?

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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  1. It’s nearly impossible to find educated people in this particular
    topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


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