Politics done wrong

Now that the political circus has blared through every american’s home and mind, we will have some calm before the next storm in January. I sincerely hope my many friends rooting for Trump receive whatever their motivations were for. Personally, I envision nothing but disaster due to his inexperience, ignorance and selfishness. Trump has no intention of proceeding for the common good, because it goes against everything he believes in and is backed by. When John Kennedy was elected he was rich, but Trump supposedly is more so. Kennedy cared for his Country and Countrymen. So did his brother Robert. I feel they both were assassinated because they felt the CIA was bad for America. They planned on disbanding it. That did not last, as they both were assassinated. The fact Amerika is controlled by “mysterious people” actually is a no brainer. Our elections work, or else why would Trump beat out the political machine the Clinton’s assembled. Now Trump must put the Country first and I hope and pray he can. I just don’t envision a lying serial rapist ever putting Country before himself. Please let me be wrong, because as my youth has left me long ago, and with it a strong chunk of my youthful hope. When you are young you believe in good triumphing over evil. I believe in god, but I recognize other people believe in their god and I do believe in one god, yet she or he is in many forms thus varied religions. America was formed with the understanding various religions have various gods, and all are correct, no mine is better than yours crap. God is all, and in each thing he exists. A government can not dictate or prohibit any god because one’s belief is personal, developed over time beginning with what you are taught as a child, and as you age and mature you realize everyone has a different opinion of what god is. Much like your circumstance in life is because, so too is god because. An earlier writing delved into because, and I don’t seek to redefine what I have already set out. God is because. There is a line, and the line runs from the past to the future. At any piece of that line you exist. Do not look for it at your feet because that timeline is in your brain. My grandmother witnessed the industrial revolution, although I know she did not know it at the time. Simply put, we are all dancing around this perpetual line, and we are all witnessing one amazing thing after another, including things mundane to us now, but in the future astounding to others as well as ourselves. Can you imagine life one hundred years ago, imposed over life today? One hundred years in the future we will appear much like the lifestyle of one hundred years ago: no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no vehicles with internal combustion engines. Because of all of that, and with that knowledge I see our political mayhem recently displayed, I know history repeats, and I know our political process will allow us to challenge and force actions our country needs to address. Lgbt rights and racial integration are things we need to work to advance, just as equality with the sexes and equal pay for equal work. I have a belief ln fairness and equality for all, coupled with every person has inalienable rights that include being free to associate with who we wish, engage in fraternal alignment with who we wish, and there should not be a class driven status being based on creed or color. Racists are not of this century, and everyone that thinks one color is superior needs to rethink that thought. With that, I wish you a good night, a fond farewell to politics, and a growing cluster of like-minded people willing to enable the work necessary to be able for our country to flourish.

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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