Thursday Thriller

Up at 7 am, Brutus and I shared scrambled eggs and bacon. He had his dry food soaked in Pedigree gravy from yesterday. I will freshen the dry and add a fresh 22 oz can of Pedigree Country Stew later today. I went to my pain doctor early, which usually elates them because I fold easily within their group. I’ve been using their regimine and have been pain tolerable for several years now. In plain english that means my back pain is tolerable and I function fairly normally. My spinal fusion is more than thirty years old, the disc above has herniated, but since I am old no one seems concerned. Every few years I have to do the steroid shots into my spine to way lay flare-ups. I have endured those twice now, and they have to last 2 years between the series of shots. I have gotten where a foot square patch of zylocaine and a few deadening shots of novacaine like fluid allow them to spinal sweep the steroids across trouble areas without having to sedate me. I must lay very still as they inject the needles into the nerves in my spine using videography to guide them. I am a good patient and usually can drive myself home. It has been a while since I last had that done, so my current regimine is working well. From experience, protect your back because nothing will take you out of service as thoroughly as HNP (herniated nuculosis propolsus) or a ruptured disc. I was fused at my L4 L5 s1, meaning they removed the L5 disc and fused the picket fence of bone fragments and cement (glue) they replaced the disc with with the fusion being done at the sacroiliac 1 juncture. The three plus years it took for me to receive that fusion cost me a lawsuit loss through statute of limitations for medical malpractice and severe damage through nerve disruption. Legal/medical mumbo jumbo saying I was “accidentally” mis-operated on and the lawyers preserved the Doctor’s reputation while I was fed to the wolves. That is just one of four life changing events that made me who I am now. Of course you do not ever think of those times as life changers when they occur. That comes later, when you get old and have more time to reflect. I have reflected so much I feel like a mirror. Still, I have aged ok considering, and I am just getting started on my current path of awareness. My health is such I probably will be around for a while more, and need begin to better care for myself, financially and healthwise. The financial side has always been my weakness, because mostly I have spurned money rather than cherished it. I get by solely because a few friends help me. My presence as writer of what I see and feel keeps me connected. I have not had much presence of late because politics has wore me out, i have gotten so tired of friends screaming for Trump and all the BS he spews I just want to puke. So I have mostly played cards, garnered food stuffs, eat some apples, peanut butter, and just wait for 8 more days until I can put diesel into my truck.

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I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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