When Enough is Enough

As I read the daily Eugene, Oregon newspaper, excepting the Monday paper, which is so small it is not worth a quarter, let alone a dollar. I read that because it has an expanded local area, plus greater national news. I do not watch television, and haven’t since I have no home to set up satellite reception and WiFi. The free WiFi many local businesses provide is sufficient for many things, but really no national businesses exist in Bandon, and most local businesses do not see the value of that, although motels do. Coos Bay has City Core wide free WiFi so I do try to use that on Saturdays when I go to feed the homeless. Being homeless myself that is a bit self serving, but a simple, quick home meal does make you feel better about yourself. I do feel ok about myself, but there are many stress issues associated with being homeless. There are the safety issues, both personal and possessions. How do possessions make you stress? Fear of losing the possessions causes stress. It’s more the fear of having to replace your tent, and that’s your home. My tent is large, and I do not set it up in town, nor, once it is up, do I leave it alone, because it would be stolen. I can’t replace it if it is stolen. My resources are very limited, and a major expense like a large tent is beyond me. I have diesel costs that already drain my finances and that’s if no repairs are needed. Truck repairs usually mean I have to park where I can have parts delivered. I order them off the internet, once I know what’s wrong. I am learning diesel. It costs $500 to hook the truck up to the computer. That is nearly my month allotment, and that fixes nothing. It just tells you what the computer says is wrong. I have a diesel because it was offered to me for $100 down and $100 a month for four months. Good price, and it’s been a good truck. Still, I have replaced the tires ($800) the shocks (!400)

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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