Writes of Spring

As the sky leaks I am reminded of the weather and my penchant of camping out. It is cold out, but all the nicer to simply cover up and sleep it off, human version of hibernation. I can’t survive by sleeping for months but I can wile away the time awaiting the spring. Setting up a kitchen that will suffice for now. Its a no brainer I need to simply await passage of months, writing best as I can with my computers, allowing my fingers to point out what my eyes see. I’ve had a suggestion made where I may be able to set up my tent and laydown sleep. I will look into this tomorrow, because with my cooking my meals I can survive much better. I have posted some items on “let go” and already received some encouraging information and some prospects. I offered tie dye and put my generator up. Tie dye has already brought me questions, and One sale. I have a few that want me to do special orders, and I am ok with that. My forty shirts a day wont be happening but I can add to my more than 80 shirts. Arthritus in my spine has increased so my morphine is always taking off the edge, but I still am nearly reduced to tears twice a day. Glad to know I still can hack the making of the art, but damn it is frustrating still. Socks and bandanas are my next purchase. Linda Revelle pointed me in that right direction. Out of the three dozen pairs I have six left, and only 5 pairs of shoe laces from 2 dozen. I want to do three dozen bamboo socks, plus bandanas. More watch caps as well. Then I want to increase kids sizes, plus more 3x and 2x sizes. All fun and games for me, and almost no cost since the few I sell covers the expense of material and dye. Someday soon I hope to have a house to use to do my dyeing. I still have 30 pounds of dye.

Author: gary

I am a retired paralegal private investigator. I live in southeast Missouri, USA. I am 74 years old and have been a hippie since 1967. Peace out

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